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                        3. 聯系我們
                          But now the cast-in staircase will not have such a problem, after the completion of the decoration period, there is no need to carry out maintenance work. But the construction period of cast-in-place concrete is longer, and the requirements for workers are higher. When pouring, we must pay attention to the connection with the original wall beam and the thickness of cast-in-place concrete. As long as these two points are well done, cast-in-place staircase has many advantages over steel staircase. First, it is more stable and does not shake; second, it has better noise-free and sound-proof effect; finally, it has longer service life.
                          For families with old people and children at home, when pouring stairs in situ, we should also consider that the slope of stairs should not be too large, and the width and spacing of stair guardrails should be appropriate and not too wide; and that the pedals and corners of stairs should be rounded to prevent children and old people from bumping and accidental injuries.


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